Data centres are becoming as important a part of business operations as office, retail and industrial assets. This trend is being driven by several factors including the increasingly digital world, IT development and the importance enterprise IT strategy plays in business delivery.

How data centre operators and cloud service providers position themselves now will determine their competitive status in the medium to long term. Asia is significantly different to the U.S. and EU, meaning that formulating the right strategy based on reliable intelligence and advice will be critical for service providers and end users.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 are likely to fuel incremental data centre demand, given the intensity of their data and computing needs. The importance of manufacturing to many Asian economies means that the adoption of the most advanced production methods will be a priority for many countries.

This report by CBRE Research explains why Asia Pacific is set to become the most important data centre regional market in the medium term. However, there remain pitfalls for the unwary and significant challenges for global multinationals in a culturally diverse and swiftly changing landscape.